Mrs. Ursitti's First Grade Class


Spelling Word Lists 2016-2017


Please note that this word list is in a Word format.


This is the spelling word list for the grade level.  On the weekly spelling word lists that are sent home each Friday, some words may be substituted with more challenging ones for the accelerated/gifted class. 


 Spelling Words - Journeys Reading Series.docx






Students are exposed to the following vocabulary words in a Monday read- aloud and these words are reviewed throughout the week, but they are not tested.


Vocabulary Words - Journeys Unit 1



Lesson 1excellent, suddenly, miss, invitation, ruin, beautiful
Lesson 2bandits, chattered, brave, ears, still, steady
Lesson 3apart, worried, sneaked, crept, snout, proud
Lesson 4canvas, important, rhythm, combinations, row, ease
Lesson 5subways, space, alleys, ferry, dash, sealed

















Vocabulary Words - Journeys Unit 2


Lesson 6figure, tossed, clang, fault, plenty, jumbled
Lesson 7creek, warn, crows, agreement, discussed, bills
Lesson 8faraway, village, crisp, smudge, peeked, edges
Lesson 9yanking, awake, trip, try, twice, wonder
Lesson 10forest, pouches, enemies, predators, hibernate, must









Vocabulary Words - Journeys Unit 3


Lesson 11strict, practice, companions, gracefully, exchange, portions
Lesson 12view, frisky, adventure, shivered, tumbled, spied
Lesson 13vines, plow, burst, glows, bouquet, shrivel
Lesson 14habitat, mainly, search, howl, stems, cactus
Lesson 15sensitive, threatened, alert, scale, directions, swivel









Vocabulary  Words - Journeys Unit 4


Lesson 16atmosphere, surface, miniature, vast, landscape, decision
Lesson 17shelter, delighted, complain, pleaded, lonely, horizon
Lesson 18eagerly, scampered, slippery, spotted, disappointed, fancy
Lesson 19author, permission, signature, exactly, incomplete, welcomed
Lesson 20meadow, calf, wade, rippled, flooded, swarm








Vocabulary Words - Journeys Unit 5

Lesson 21whispered, clues. detectives, clever, poked, sneaky
Lesson 22roamed, sparkling, misty, promised, receive, slender
Lesson 23behave, sizzling, translated, accent, gooey, siesta
Lesson 24gentle, completely, settle, reflection, lonely, recognize
Lesson 25blossoms, cavern, shady, ledge, lugging, shallow








Vocabulary Words - Journeys Unit 6

Lesson 26softly, universe, magical, field, wondrous, shrubbery
Lesson 27dreadful, grumbled, demanded, cobweb, terrified, panted
Lesson 28audience, stomped, chorus, determined, assures, enthusiasm
Lesson 29corner, signs, disguised, solve, mystery, seriously
Lesson 30wild, show-off, mightiest, wobble, careful, waste